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Surfing has been a passion and obsession for anyone who loves extreme sports. The rush of adrenaline which comes while riding a 20 foot wave is just awesome. During the summer surfing has become one of the most popular recreational activities as well. The best part about surfing is the fact that all you need is a wetsuit (if the water happens to be cold) and a surfboard and you’re ready to go. Since surfboards are the only piece of equipment that you need, you should ensure that you get the right one. Here are a few tips on how to buy a surfboard.

Surfboards come in different shapes. These shapes include the Fish, Shortboard, Funshape, Mini-Longboard, and the Classic Longboard. If you happen to be a beginner then you should opt for a big surfboard. The bigger the board the easier it will be to catch waves and stand up. The thickness of the board will determine how well it floats. The better it floats the easier it becomes for you to paddle into waves. The wider a surfboard is the more stable it will be when you stand up and ride the waves.

You should know that bigger surfboards are not always necessarily better. The bigger a surfboard the more difficult it becomes to maneuver and turn. Once you have managed to get the hang of surfing you should go in for a smaller sized board like the Surftech surfboard. These boards will improve your surfing skills and give you that extra bit of maneuverability. If you happen to be a beginner and you should get yourself a beginner’s board which is not very expensive like the Morey boogie board. This board comes in various designs to suit your taste.

So stick that surfboard on an Electra Carver surfboard/bicycle rack and hit the beach this summer

Guest Blogger: Anil

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