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Being green is in. Whilst almost all celebrities claim to be doing their bit for the planet, the efforts of these divas definitely stand out. Take a cue from our top five stylish eco-friendly celebrities on how we can help the cause and also look and feel chic while doing it.

  • Daryl Hannah

Daryl actually chained herself to a tree for 23 days to support urban farming! She’s a member of numerous environmental support groups, drives a car which runs on bio-diesel and maintains a sustainable lifestyle. She also has an online store that sells only eco-friendly products.

  • Cameron Diaz

This popular actress hosts the MTV show “Trippin” that promotes eco-friendly tourism. Diaz drives the Prius and is actively involved in the functioning of the Environmental Media Association (EMA).

  • Kerry Washington

Kerry believes that each person should do whatever little that she can towards saving Mother Earth, whether it is using recyclable napkins, wearing a vegan jacket or driving a hybrid car. She has been instrumental in developing a green apartment building in Harlem and in protesting for civic causes.

  • Natalie Portman

This talented intelligent actress is a vegetarian and has helped to design a high-end vegan shoe line, the profits of which are donated to environmental organizations.

  • Oprah Winfrey

Oprah exerts an impressive influence on her vast audience. When she decided to advocate environmental consciousness last year, it was a positive gesture appreciated by one and all.

Style takes:
Want to look chic and simultaneously promote an eco-friendly lifestyle this summer? Wear ensembles that comprise of organic clothes and vegan shoes. Switch to using organic make-up. For example, wear a red linen dress and accessorize with vegan slippers, wooden beaded necklace and a red hemp bag. The Edun ‘Garlin Kading’ tank dress made from organic cotton looks great when paired with cute vegan panda shoes and a black vegan jacket.

Just because you are committed to saving the environment does not mean that you would need to dress unfashionably. Follow the steps of our eco friendly celebrities to reduce your carbon footprint by using eco-friendly, sustainable products.

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