Top 5 home laundry essentials


Clothesline. Photo by joeannenah of Flickr

Washing and drying your clothes is probably the most exciting thing about running out of clean underwear or pants. While many popular celebrities can live a lifestyle of never wearing the same pair of clothes ever again, most of us eventually will have to toss our dirty clothes into the washer and chill out at home or at the Laundromat for the next few hours. For those college students that are just getting to know an existence that takes away a mysterious figure that did the clothes-washing for them, here’s a list of necessary items involved in doing your laundry.

  1. Laundry hamper – Make life a little bit easier for yourself and stop tripping over that pile of dirty clothes. Wait, who are we kidding? It’s probably not a pile; change your philosophy of using the floor as a shelf and invest in a laundry hamper. It certainly beats forming a large ball of dirty clothes and gunning for the washer, because dropping your dirty underwear where a neighbor can see it is kind of awkward. You can even steer further away from laziness with a section laundry hamper to sort your whites and brights as you wear them out.
  2. Laundry detergent – Jesus may have walked on water but water alone will certainly not clean the ketchup stains from your jeans. Get some laundry detergent, and throw in some fabric softener while you’re at it so that your clothes don’t end up forming a static force field determined to make “ow” your one-word language.
  3. Washer dryer combo- Unless you intend on scrubbing your clothes and indulging in an Amish lifestyle, you have to find yourself a washing machine (and a dryer depending on your climate). Carry a large chunk of quarters or a debit card to buy a laundry card, or go deluxe and invest in a washer dryer combo at home. Pick out something environmentally friendly so that your bills are environmentally friendly.
  4. fabric steamerFabric steamer – Sometimes you forget your load of clothes in the dryer and forget to take them out right away, leaving yourself a gift of wrinkly clothing. Ironing is such a hassle so I recommend a fabric steamer for those emergency wrinkle-free formal occasions that pop up. It’s just about the only time that waving your hand over something magically gets what you want; in this case it’s wrinkle-free clothes.
  5. Drying rack – For high-maintenance lingerie or dry-clean only clothes that you carelessly tossed in the washer, use a drying rack to make sure your clothes survive. It’s cheaper than going to the dry cleaners and most of the time my dried clothes look just fine without that dry-cleaning trip. Don’t try this at home with your tuxedo or formal dress though because I’m not responsible for those results.

So, there you have it, a tutorial on how to get your clothes cleaned. Now you have no excuse to walk around with the same pair of jeans on their 8th or 20th round of wear before being washed. Come on man, it’s starting to smell.

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