Top 5 spring cleaning essentials


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We’re already well into springtime, which means that the time has arrived to plan for vacations, graduations, holidays – and, of course, spring cleaning.

Laboring over these chores can be a daunting task, but you can make it easy with these five cleaning essentials to spring your house in tip-top shape. Read on for more details.

  1. Home steam cleaner: A good quality home steam cleaner is a useful tool for any room of your house. Use it to deep-clean carpets or rugs in the living room, bedroom or other high-traffic areas, tile grout in the kitchen or bathroom, curtains, hardwood floors, shower mildew and even furniture upholstery. Vacuum, mop or sweep all other floor surfaces, and send out any rugs for professional cleaning or shampoo them out yourself.
  2. Plastic storage bins: A change in seasons also requires a change in clothes – store all your winter coats, shoes and accessories into clear plastic bins for easy storage and make room for your warm-weather clothing for spring and summer. Resealable plastic bags are also useful to stash miscellaneous items that you don’t want to throw away but aren’t being used immediately – get them in various sizes to accommodate different things. Underbed storage drawers are a great space-saving solution.
  3. Rubber-edged squeegees: Chances are your windows have probably gone neglected during the cold and rainy winter. Make sure to clean both the inside and outside of dirt and dust. Rubber-edged squeegees are more effective than washcloths or paper towels – use a wet sponge to rub dirt away and run the squeegee from top to button. Use a cloth to dry windowsills. One good cleaning solution suggested by Martha Stewart: Equal parts white vinegar and warm water.
  4. Duster: Spring is the prime allergy time, so there’s no need to aggravate your sneezy symptoms indoors. Run a lamb’s wool duster or a microfiber cloth across all surfaces – don’t forget easy-to-neglect spots like blinds, light bulbs and ceiling fans. Use a compressed gas duster to clean off small, hard to reach areas like computer keyboards or corners.
  5. Rubber gloves: So this might be more for your benefit than your house, but a pair of rubber gloves is a basic but necessary tool for any cleaning crackdown, especially if you use harsh chemical cleansers.

Here’s a list of quick tips when it comes to spring cleaning:

  • Make a chore-by-chore checklist by room – an organized approach will make cleaning go by faster.
  • Use clean tools – a dusty mop or cloth will only move the dirt or dust around.
  • Vacuum bathrooms and kitchens first, then mop.
  • Remember, regular maintenance will make spring cleaning that much easier – wipe down surfaces and vacuum floors regularly.

Happy spring cleaning!

- Rachel

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