Top 5 ways to keep you hair looking good


Bring life to your hair this summer with Keratin shampoo

Once again it’s about that time we take advantage of the summer sun. We go to the beach or lay out in the sun in order to get that perfect summer tan. Then we cool off by taking a dip in the ocean or a pool. It’s a formula that has been repeated for centuries.

But what are those summer escapades doing to your hair? There is no doubt that during this season you find your hair, unavoidably, dry damaged. Swimming pools contain a variety of chemicals that help kill bacteria, but unfortunately they are also a detriment to both our skin and hair. Likewise the oceans salt water, although refreshing, is as harmful to our tresses as the ones found in swimming pools.

So revitalize your hair when you find even the slightest traces of wear and damage with these lock-saving tips.

1)      Keratin shampoo – This shampoo is enriched with a fibrous protein called Keratin which is made up of a series of flattened cells. This fiber, in turn, makes hair strong while simultaneously giving it structure. Keratin shampoo can help give your hair elasticity and can soften the hair to reduce spilt ends and breakage that often occurs in the summer. Keratin shampoo also helps to create shiny, healthier hair.

2)      Leave-in Conditioner – A leave-in conditioner continuously helps moisturize hair throughout the day. Most of the time leave-in conditioners contain sunscreen, which is a plus in helping protect color-treated hair from the sun.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

3)      Boar bristle hair brush – Boar bristles are a great way to detangle hair after a quick dip in the pool. Compared to plastic brushes, this natural bristle brush is easier on hair. After a shower it helps in redistributing your natural oils throughout the hair, which helps in boosting shine.

4)      Blow Dryer – If you want to find the best blow dryer on the market look for an ionic hair dryer. They not only work in minutes, they leave your hair shiny and keep your tresses strong. Metal coil dryers have a tendency to dry out hair or even cause frizz.

5)      Swim Cap- When in doubt there is always a swim cap for summer swims. There’s something cute and retro about a swim cap. Most significantly, they keep pool chemicals and salt water out of your hair.

So take extraordinary measures to keep your hair looking good this summer. We guarantee your hairstylist will thank us.


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