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microfiber camisole

For me, the ultimate lounging clothes are ones that are comfy, chic, versatile, need low maintenance and reflect my mood at that moment. Dislike having to change into a different set of clothes for dropping off your kids at school or for those odd chores? The best solution is to wear trendy lounging clothes at home. Here’s my pick of essential lounging clothes that should be a part of one’s wardrobe.

An oversized tee and a pair of leggings are the perfect lounging attire for the days when all you want to do is laze around! If necessity demands a trip outdoors, simply put on an International Concepts Cropped Bolero, a beret and sandals for an artsy, creative appearance.

Pair a sweatshirt up with a pair of comfy pants like the Lacoste sweatpants for a tranquil day at home. Suddenly remembered an errand to be run? Tie a high ponytail and slip on your flats for that casual chic look.

For those times when you want to feel sweet and sexy, wear a microfibre camisole top and a pair of shorts. However, if you do need to step out of the house, grab a matching hoodie, and sneakers to look elegantly sporty.

If you are absolutely sure that you will be at home and want to wind down and feel relaxed, then you can lounge in a luxurious comfy, pretty robe.

Loungewear has come a long way from sloppy, shapeless outfits to trendy flattering apparel. Choose lounging clothes that reflect your sense of style to be comfortable and fashionable at home and outside.

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