Ways to carry your dog during travel


Dog carrier backpack

As a dog lover, I always wanted to travel with my dog. I wanted to take my dog with me when I went backpacking. I wanted to show my canine friend the world around him. I felt so bad that he barely got to see the world outside his little neighborhood. That was when I decided to go on a road trip with my dog. I realized it was going to be more difficult than I thought.

When you go traveling with your dog, you will realize that not every place welcomes dogs. And dogs are not always well behaved you know! You can’t just put him on a dog leash and take him everywhere. The best way to travel with your dog is to carry him yourself! That’s right. You can travel with your dog with ease if you carry him yourself. Of course it goes without saying that you cannot try this with larger dog breeds. If you have a smaller and light weight dog breed then go ahead and take him out on a vacation!

You can pick up a dog carrier back pack to help you on your trip. It is a backpack with a seating section for your dog. It is wide and spacious and comfortable for your dog. The top is open so your pet can look out at the world around him and breathe easy knowing his master is right beside him.

If backpacks are not your style, you can use a petmate dog crate to take your dog when you go travelling. It is a small crate with a handle. You can place your dog inside it and carry him around safely wherever you go!

Guest Blogger: Anirudh Annam

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