What are compression shorts?


compression shorts

Compression shorts are the latest craze among those who lead an active lifestyle. These are especially constructed skin-tight underwear made of lycra or nylon for giving optimal protection to thighs, groin and waist area. Let’s check out how compression shorts can help us.

It is suggested that during intense physical activity, muscles of the groin and thigh rub against each other, causing the surrounding skin to become inflamed. This often leads to chafing and rashes. Since quality compression shorts comes with a sufficient gap to separate the thigh and the groin area muscles, chafing and rashes are prevented to a large extent. Apart from this, the snug-fitting shorts are also very effective in wicking away sweat and in providing warmth to the wearer’s muscle, thus preventing injury.

Compression shorts, also known as Spandex, are also highly popular among women athletes, particularly in the field hockey or tennis in which one has to wear skirts. Wearing this type of tight-fitting shorts underneath the skirts prevents embarrassing moments, especially when there is a chance of skirts riding up.

Types of compression shorts
Compression shorts are popular athletic clothing. Though mainly worn by professional cyclists, are very much in demand by football players, basketball players and even boxers.

Depending on the activities performed, there are different types of compression shorts. Below are some of the common varieties:

  • Compression shorts for football players generally come well padded in the coccyx and hips. Since football is a high-contact sport, compression shorts, such as Under Armour gear compression shorts, are especially designed with ventilated mesh for optimal breathability and comfort. The gear compression shorts from Under Armour also feature advanced ‘heat gear fabric’ suggested to keep you dry and warm as you run past players.
  • Basketball compression shorts such as McDavid or Adidas Techfit come with special padding in the hips and tailbone. Quality basketball compression shorts also offer effective moisture control and fast cooling as well as enhanced muscle support for performance advantage.
  • Bike compression shorts are generally stiffer and check lateral movement to prevent chafing while riding. The form-fitting bike compression shorts provide support to your waist, thigh and the groin area.

Though, not scientifically proven, it is claimed that compression shorts boost athlete performance. Nevertheless, if you want to stretch yourself to the limit and enjoy the game to the fullest, you don’t want to give a miss to the compression shorts.

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