When to wear flip flops and when not to


Flip flops tips

With the rising mercury, you want your attire to feel cool and be breathable. During the warm and humid summer months, trendy and airy flip flops give your feet respite from closed shoes. But fashionable flip flops are still not acceptable everywhere. So, wear these shoes to places where you would get compliments instead of disapproving glances.

When to wear flip flops

Styles like Teva flip flops are available in bright colors to pep up sultry summer days. Light in weight, the Yellow Box Japan flip flops can be carried in your office bag. Change into this style for post-work agendas like a girls’ night out or a casual date. This cool style is perfect for the beach or pool party, as they are made from water-friendly materials like rubber.

You can wear flip-flops to-

  • The beach or walk by the river
  • Running errands
  • Casual outings

When not to wear them

No matter how much you love your hip Reef Ginger flip flops, you cannot wear them to formal gatherings. Even the semi-formal leather flip flops are not regarded as ‘appropriate shoes’. In the corporate environment, pumps, ladies oxford and simple buckle up styles are considered appropriate.

Another factor that you should consider here is that flip flops may not be a healthy option for your feet. Wearing these sandals for prolonged periods can lead to pain in the ankles and feet. Studies reveal that flip flop wearers tend to walk with ankles inwards. This is done unconsciously to prevent the flip flops from falling off. In the long run it could lead to hip and ankle issues. Also, the toes get scrunched while wearing flip-flops, which results in pain.

You should not wear flip flops-

  • For prolonged hours
  • To formal gatherings or office
  • If you have pain in the joints or feet

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