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flat incline decline bench

Many desire six-pack abs, whether you are a woman or a man. The secret lies in selecting the right exercise and giving your body the right kind of training, along with having regular healthy food. With the wide variety of fitness machines and equipments available nowadays, getting a muscular chest is no longer a distant dream.

Chest press is one of the most preferred ways to build a chiseled chest. A typical chest press session involves lying on a bench and slowly lifting your dumbbell, barbell or a bar to a 90-degree angle. Once your elbows reach the 90-degree angle, remember not to go any further. This will help you to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the small anterior deltoid muscle, which is one of the leading causes of muscle tear. Then slowly bring the weight back to the starting position. For the chest press to be effective, it has to target the major chest muscles involving the upper and lower chest along with triceps and shoulders.

If you are going for a weight bench, opting for an adjustable weight bench gives you the best choice. Adjustable weight benches such as an incline weight bench can ensure optimal back support as the level of the incline can be adjusted to precise angles. This gives you the freedom to customize your workout. This could also improve your overall strength since an incline weight bench works the upper portion of the chest and deltoid. This is especially useful if you are planning to practice incline chest flyes or incline barbell bench press with a Troy barbell set.

Another great choice in adjustable weight bench is a flat incline decline bench. A highly customizable flat incline decline bench is body solid flat incline decline bench. The specialized weight bench comes with several different position adjustments – incline, decline and flat. This makes it an ideal choice for doing every type of dumbbell and barbell exercises. Moreover, its removable leg developer in body solid flat incline decline bench makes this highly portability.

A good workout bench makes chest press workout an easy breeze. It adds to the fun, while taking the pain out of your workouts!

Guest Blogger: Nina

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