All hands on neck: great summer scarf ideas


scarf tying

A scarf is one accessory that can add pizzazz to any outfit and can be used in innumerable ways to create a new look each time. Light airy summer scarves are versatile, stylish and very useful as well. Here’s a glimpse of some great scarf ideas that you can use to create a cool hip impression this summer.

-A dressy side bow around the neck looks alluringly feminine and elegant. All you need to do is circle the scarf around the neck. Tie a knot that will function as the base of the bow, at the side of your neck. Thereafter tie the bow with one end falling in front on your shoulder and the other at the back.

-Add zing to your plain handbag by accessorizing it with a print silk scarf.Print silk scarf

- Use your scarf as a belt by folding it in half to form a triangle and then horizontally along the long side until a thin band is made, so that it passes neatly through your belt loops.

- If you want to wear a scarf to brighten up your formal outfit, form a thin band as directed earlier, place the scarf over your neck such that one end is smaller than the other. Take the long end over the shorter one and bring it out through the loop. Repeat this step. Pull it tight and wear it at the centre of your neck.

- Large scarves make attractive shawls and wraps if the evenings become chilly.

- Want to protect your hair while driving a car?  Fold the scarf to form a triangle. Place it on your head, take the ends beneath the hair and tie a knot. Secure it with pins if you so desire. You could also tie it as a bandana.

These are just some scarf tying ideas that you can use this summer to brighten up your ensembles.

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