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Hi! It’s Anne Powers from A. Party Style blog. I’m here today guest blogging about first birthday party ideas.

Congrats! You’ve survived the first year of your baby’s life and it’s time to celebrate! Lots of parents go “all out” for the first birthday. On many occasions, it’s a party as much for the adults as it is for the child. As well it should be. After all, you are the one who has survived sleep deprivation, countless poopy diapers and, of course, the relentless baby weight.

baby toysGranted, your baby is not going to remember this special day, but you sure will. So celebrate! First decide on your party size, theme and budget. Some events will include several age groups. Ensure you have adequate areas and activities for each group. One way to keep everyone happy and entertained is to have several points of interest. A play area for older kids, an adult area for chatting and catching up with friends and, of course, an area for the little ones—your one-year-old included. Having baby toys in a baby-gated area works beautifully. Your baby will be happy and you will have your hands free to entertain.

Choosing a theme can help narrow down color and decorations. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant theme. What does your little one love? Cheerios, bath time, bubbles, milk and cookies? The options are endless. Recently for my daughter’s first birthday, we decided on a milk and cookies theme. We really played up the “1%” since it was her first birthday. See photos and details here. This theme was easy on the wallet, too. Guests were not expecting a meal since I had put “refreshments & fun” on the invitations. That way I didn’t have the added pressure of food costs and preparation.

Moving on with theme options, does your baby have a winter time birthday? What about a “winter ONEderland” theme? You could do all things associated with cold weather—winter games, snowman décor and hot cocoa. Games for older children might include “Pin the Carrot on the Snowman,” making snow scenes with luxury shaving cream or making snowflakes out of paper. Another fun activity would be to have children play with fake snow. A great color scheme for this party would be white, light blue and silver shades.

No children (other than the birthday baby, of course) coming to your party? That’s fine too. How about a cocktail and cupcakes theme? Have it in the evening. Your baby can stay awake to greet the guests, but can then go to bed at his/her regular bedtime so you can party, too! You have been working for a year straight now—you deserve the night off! Serve hors d’oeuvres and a signature cocktail matching your color scheme. If you’re not having your kiddo stay up, considering the time of your party is very important. You have to consider your child’s nap time(s) and what is your child’s best time of day. Maybe they are best in the morning, so why not have a breakfast theme party? Breakfast buffet foods are easy to prepare and affordable. You could even have a stack of panCAKES with a candle in it. Make it interesting!

The first birthday is really an event with endless options. Whether your party is large or small, day or night, simple or extravagant, you can make it special! Celebrate the wondrous year you and your baby have had. Enjoy yourself and happy first birthday, little one!

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