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All the stationary bikes in stores seem more or less similar. So when it comes to choosing a bike… Which one would you pick? In order to pick a stationary exercise bike, you will need to consider several factors such as size, ease of use, ergonomics, exercise range, construction, heart rate monitor and safety.

There are different types of shapes for these stationary bikes as well. The upright bikes have no back rest. If you have back problems then you might want to consider the recumbent bikes which come with seats have back rests.

The newer bikes come with built in heart rate monitors and other modern upgrades that provide a lot of useful information such as how much distance has been travelled or the number of calories that have been burnt in the exercise session. Choose the stationary bicycle that provides all the information you seek.

The newer bikes come with a vast range of exercise ranges. These built in programs help you build stamina and strength in a controlled and safe manner.

Now the last thing you need to consider is the ergonomics and size of the bike. A lot of bikes do not have ergonomic seating. Moreover, they are bulky and difficult to stow away at home. There are options such as the Oxycycles which are small and compact and can be adjusted to fit any chair. You can sit on your favorite chair and get a workout by using the oxycycle!

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