Create bohemian summer waves


Bohemian waves

The bohemian attitude is making waves everywhere. The boho-urban-chic style has made a comeback for more than two seasons now and is definitely here to stay. During the summer, Bohemian waves look gorgeous on the hair. It reflects the vagabond and adventurous style. For all you women with frizzy hair, this style is a boon. The wavy hair kind of embraces my free-spirit, especially after the tied-up and prim hairdo I keep at work, all week long.

History of the look: The boho-chic is not a fashion trend created by baby-boomers. It goes way back to the 19th century when a relaxing attitude was promoted against the classic colonial norms. It began with hairdos and went on to influence the style of living, working and even recreation.

To create this fashionable and spontaneous look all that you need is-

Long wavy hair

Protective serum or mousse- Apply a protective serum or mousse on the hair before styling. Products like Healthy Curls Anti-frizz Cream for Curly Wavy Hair protect the hair from the curling iron’s heat and make sure that the waves stay in place for a longer time.

Curling iron or hair curlers- Let your hair loose and experiment. Use a triple barrel curling iron to style your hair as per its texture, length and of course your face type. You can also try out the Wholesale Case Lot Sponge Hair Rollers Curlers Sets. These non-electric curlers take a slightly longer time, but prevent damage due to heat of curling irons.

Curly bun

The top three bohemian styles I freak over are-

  1. Partially braided hair on the front with loose curls at the back
  2. Soft long waves which looks chic for formal occasions too
  3. Low buns with hair left loose near the forehead. Relaxed, feminine and definitely simplistic

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