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Decorating a room is always fun and interesting. There are so many things to play with and colors to use. Walls, especially, can add real character and life to rooms. Here are some simple and easy wall decorating tips and ideas to liven up walls in living rooms, master bedrooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms and even bathrooms.

  • The simplest step is – paint the walls. Use your creativity. Paint it a tone darker and it will highlight the entire room. For a more unusual look, paint stripes or circles. You can choose a color that contrasts well with the color of the wall. Alternatively, put up removable wallpaper. This will help you in changing it later on.
  • Adding lights on the wall is a very dramatic idea. Aside from being decorative, they are very functional as well. It is a nice thing to add if you have reading area or just a couch in a corner. On walls of your bedroom, lights can give a very romantic touch. So choose them carefully.
  • Cherry wall shelves, custom made ones are awesome. Give them a shape that very unusual. A geometric shaped shelf looks really nice and the best thing is it doesn’t have to be of a particular shape. So play with it. You can use these for putting up anything from pictures to your own self collection of anything. Blik wall decal is also a beautiful idea. These graphics will also go well with your geo metric shelves.
  • Wall arts are the best things to do to your walls. One thing you should remember when adding artwork on the wall is its size. Think of where you are going to position it. It’s not sensible to buy a wall décor without assessing the area where it’s going to be hung. If possible don’t put anything else on the walls. It will make this stand out!

You can achieve a new look for a room just by dealing with the wall. Think of an exciting way to jazz it up and you will surely save a lot for the redecoration.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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