Glass-top tables

Glass-top tables

Trendy glass-top tables

Any table tempered with a glass top is fashionable and durable. These elegant tables come in both conventional and contemporary leg styles. Ultra-modern styles like crazy-legs have unique shaped crates that are rounded or curvy. These can be seen only under transparent glass-top tables. Even the conventional styles like carved wooden or stone based legs get their deserved share of appreciation with glass tops.

The glass-top tables are very easy to clean. You can remove all grease and fingerprints stains with a regular glass cleanser. These look best on-

1. Dining tables

Glass-top dining table

A glass-top dining table

Elegant styles like studded Swarovsky crystals or classic silver table-legs add to the grandeur of your home décor. Steve Silver coffee table with creative bases are an expression of exquisite beauty. However, glass is prone to scratches so try and keep the crockery on mats and coasters.

2. Coffee tables

Glass-top coffee table

Table with glass-top

Choose glass-top coffee tables designs based on the home ambience. Coffee tables with chic wooden bases like the Tribeca coffee table are easy to maintain. Unlike wooden tables, you don’t have to worry about permanent mug marks. Or keep asking your friends to use coasters.

3. Cocktail tables

Glass-top cocktail table

Cocktail table with glass top

Alcohol leaves the worst sort of marks on table. But with a glass-top you don’t have to keep a mop handy all the time. Wooden tables with glass top work well for cocktails as they are much sturdier than only glass-top tables. For modern homes, styles like Lea cocktail table work well. They have metal plated legs which gives the cocktail table a sleek and retro look.

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