Great interactive toys for your cat


Cats are like little kids. They love toys and flashy new objects. You can keep your cat entertained for days by picking up a new toy for him. You will be surprised to see how much fun you will have buying your cat his favorite toys. Keep around some cute cat lamps for yourself while your kitty is busy playing!

Some of the most popular interactive cat toys are:

Da Bird – Da Bird is the most popular cat toy. Like the name says, it is a pretty simple and straightforward toy. It is a toy bird with a fiberglass rod that allows the toy bird to fly around like a real bird. Cats love Da Bird and they will spend hours chasing after Da Bird. However, remember to put the toy away after play time. Your cat will destroy Da Bird if he ever gets the chance!

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer – This is a classic cat toy. It has a flexible wand toy with a long fabric ribbon tail attached to it. You can have the ribbon flowing around while you control it with the wand. Your cat will get really excited with the wavy flowing motion of the ribbon and will try and catch it. You can have a lot of fun with your cat this way!

Petlinks System Fun Beam – This is one of the best cat toys available in stores. It is an interactive laser toy for cats. It is shaped like a mouse and it casts a laser figure in the shape of a mouse. You can sit in one place and have your cat chase the imaginary glowing mouse all around the room. Your cat will have a lot of fun without you tiring yourself out!

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