How to protect your pets from fleas


We all love our pets and would do just about anything to see them live comfortably. Fleas are not just an itchy nuisance for you and your pet, they can also cause Lyme disease, and be the carriers for tapeworms, and in a few cases also cause anemia. A single female flea lays 500 to 700 eggs in its life time. Now if proper care isn’t taken your pet could turn into an open breeding ground for these parasites. Here are a few tips on protecting your pets from fleas.

  • If you spot any fleas on your pets consider using pet flea medicine sprays like the Pector flea spray . They will not only kill adult fleas, but also eliminate eggs from ever hatching. This should be sprayed along the house where your dog resides the most. If you have kids at home you might want to be on the careful side by choosing a less toxic anti flea spray.
  • Keep your dogs bedding or clean the place it usually rests on a regular basis. This is to ensure that any eggs laid by fleas would be eliminated.
  • Give your dog a bath on a regular basis using an anti flea shampoo recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Special 20″dog flea collars also help in the elimination of fleas. These anti flea collars have special chemicals on them which kill fleas present on your pet as well prevent them to a certain extent.
  • If your pet is allergic to flea bites then rapid action would be necessary. In this case you should consult your veterinarian who would provide certain injections and medications which are specially prescribed for severe cases.

Fighting fleas is not just a onetime battle but something which you would have to do throught the life of your pet.

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