Keep your dog hydrated this summer


Hydration for dogs

Summer months can be harsh on dogs. Like us, the body of a dog comprises of 80 percent water. Along with healthy digestion, waste filtering and circulation, water also helps to maintain body temperature. Dehydration is a serious issue in dogs, which leads to heart and kidney problems.

There are two ways to deal with it. Either you run after your pet with a dog feeder bowl. Trust me; I get so exhausted from the ordeal that I feel like drinking water from it right away. The second is to entice them to drink more water. Keep in mind, your beloved pet should consume at least one ounce of water, for each pound of its weight. More water is required during summer months, when they are on medication or exercise longer.

Dogs love the Lixit outdoor faucet dog waterer. This self waterer can be attached to any outdoor faucet or even your garden hose. It won’t run dry and will not spill either. Slight movement of the lever leads to water flow. So, let your dog nuzzle away and drink to good health.

As a rule of thumb, I always place a huge sized bowl for my pet. I change the bowl of water for my dog every two hours. They like drinking fresh water and it’s also hygienic. Cute doggie designs like t&m dog bowl are a good investment as they last longer.

For larger breed dogs, the Drinkwell big dog fountain is ideal. It uses an innovative watering concept, which features a free-falling water stream. This patented fountain provides your best pal with filtered and safe water.


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