Kids football helmets from Schutt


Schutt football helmets

It’s the time again when every single man all over are hooked onto only one thing – Football. It is probably the most watched and enjoyed sports of all. The craziness for football is not limited to just adults, kids are as crazy and as hooked on to this game like their elders. While football is a very exciting and intriguing game, it is also considered quite ruthless. Kids’ football is no exception. The possibility of injuries leaves parents concerned for the safety of their children. However, with the right safety gear, every kid can safely enjoy the true spirit of this full-of -life game!

Though all players are geared up with the basic football equipment, it is however necessary to be sure that this equipment meets the required safety standards and is appropriate for the user. If the football safety gear does not fit the child well, it becomes even more a matter of concern. It will not just harm the play but also cause even more injuries. Safety of the kid is paramount at any level of the game. While shoulder pads, thigh pads, pro football cleats et al are very significant for all the players, a good football helmet is a must-have for the goal keeper.

Schutt helmets are world renowned to provide the required level of safety and comfort to the wearer. They are treated with Ultra-Fresh to inhibitSchutt football helmet growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause odors and stains. It has vinyl covered pads and is made from durable ABS plastic shell that gives it a longer life. They come with a face guard for that extra safety. Schutt football helmets come in bright colors and have a great design. They are the ideal choice that provides ultimate protection with all the comfort. This helmet with its chin strap, face mask and optional mouth guard is one example of football safety gear. It also serves aesthetic purpose too – because the helmet bears the team’s logo, it becomes a trademark.

The Schutt football helmet face mask, which is usually made of plastic or metal bars, attaches to the front of the helmet. There are two types of face masks, the open cage and the schutt football facemaskclosed cage. The open cage usually is preferred by quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and defensive backfield men because the open cage—with two or three horizontal bars and no vertical bar above the nose—enables better visibility. The closed cage usually is the choice of linesmen because the closed cage—vertical bar running the length of the mask over the nose with two, three, or four horizontal bars—helps to keep other players’ fingers and hands out of their eyes.

All protective helmets attempt to protect the user’s head by absorbing mechanical energy and protecting against penetration. Their structure and protective capacity are altered in high-energy impacts. Beside their energy-absorption capability, their volume and weight are also important issues, since higher volume and weight increase the risk for the user’s head and neck.

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