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I have both dogs and cats, but my house always has this smell, which I don’t really sniff but people who drop-in are able to. Whoever said cats instinctively know where to litter. Well, mine took some time, but finally I was able to teach it some litter-etiquette. Once they know where to litter, it is much easier to tackle the smelly issues. Those who are unable to toilet train their kitties should consult a vet.

Pet owners are oblivious to animal smells, if you know what I mean. Still you have to pertain to some hygiene norms when it comes to ‘poop’ management. Here are the top three items that you should use to keep your home litter and smell free-

Litter scoop for cat

1. Cat litter scoop

Hand scoops with rakes are available at pet stores for easier management. Choose scoopers with a wide mouth so that you can easily trap the waste. The rake helps in dislodging the smaller litter clumps. Make sure you wash them everyday with medicated soap.

Litter box for cat

2. Cat litter box

Once you train your cat to use the litter box, most of your cleaning problems are solved. Get an enclosed cat litter box as it prevents spilling and controls odors. Kitties enjoy their share of privacy so they love using enclosed boxes. Just take the box out and dump the litter in the garbage.

3. Kitty’s wonderbox disposable cat litter box

These environment friendly, disposable boxes are made from recycled paper. They control odor and also neutralize ammonia gases excreted in the litter. Perfect for days when you have to leave the kitty out in the garden or outdoors.

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