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Globally, a lot has changed over the years. On one hand, the affordability factor for a vehicle has risen and on the other, the recession has made the maintenance of the car that much more difficult. Summer season is one of the challenging times for us and cars alike. It is paramount to take good care of cars now to avoid unforeseen hiccups that your machine may throw at you. Taking care of the car is important and if you are on the budget-adherence list then taking small steps towards the car’s maintenance go a long way spreading happiness. A few things that anyone can do at home or for cheap are given below.

tire pressure gauge

Tire pressure gauge is an extremely useful and economical tool for your car. A tire pressure gauge is easy to use by anyone and gives you an exact status of the air in the car’s tire. It is also quite durable, consumes far less space and is shock resistant. Since excessive summer heat increases the pressure of the tire, a tire pressure gauge lets you know the ideal pressure the tire must have depending on your car’s make. It is also great to reduce over-inflated tires that may cause hydroplaning when driveway is wet. I always use an Intercomp 4 inch glow in dark tire pressure gauge.  This gauge has a unique and patented four way internal mechanism. It has a thumb operated bleeder valve for easy access and is extremely reliable.

If you love your car then taking care of its exhaust must also be significantly important to you. The car exhaust removes the engine’s exhaust so that the engine does not catch fire due to lack of air. Needless to mention, it also removes Carbon Monoxide out. Keeping the car exhaust clean will ensure you have a safe ride and increase the longevity of the engine.  An annual inspection of the car’s exhaust is highly recommended. However, if you wish to do it yourself then ensure you have the adequate jacks and lifts. Check for corrosion, leaking joints and loose mountings. To clean the exhaust you can use engine oil as it is lubricated.

Similarly, it is easy to keep the car clean by giving it a daily dose of car wash. This helps in keeping the car cool despite the heat. Keep an eye on the oil level in the engine. As long as the oil is clean and appears sufficient on the measuring scale, you are good to go. If you need to change, you can remove the cap underneath to break out oil and then pour the adequate amount from atop. Also keep the car seat covers clean as you use them each time you hop in the car.

They say, your car is as good as its owner. Take good care of your car and it will take good care of you. Now, drive in happiness – all the way.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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