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From the time the first automobile was built, man has been obsessed with speed. Over the years, the fondness for speed has been overtaken by the presence of safety measures. The local and international laws across the world played a major role in making safety technology more crucial than any other add-on of the vehicle.

The year 2010 has give birth to finer details within the automotive safety technologically. Experts, scientists, engineers around the globe are now compelled to study the vehicle design, construction and the entire equipment much before you can lay your hands on it. Two of the most recent innovations and useful contributions to automotive safety are an auto backup camera and a car sensor.

Automobiles are now tested for not just head-on collisions but also accidents that may happen due to sudden braking and someone else hitting your vehicle from behind. Both these make rear view that much more critical. Accidents caused from unseen objects may cause loss of life and property. An auto back up camera is the best instrument in these cases. This visual reversing aid is wonderful for vehicles with limited rear vision and helps gauge the distance while backing up. The other advantage of an auto backup camera is the convenience of hooking up your boats or utility trailers.

A car sensor is a hidden technology and works wonders if you happen to travel extensively by the car. Different sensors send off alarm at different times escalating the trespassing of your car. A standard car sensor beeps from a decent distance of 50 feet. The high-end ones may send off the alarm even if someone tries to hold the knob, playfully key in another key, etc.

Automotive safety plays a very important role and cannot be compromised at any cost. Besides the Monitor Car camera 3 and sensor, I also carry a all-in-one designer car seat for infant. Being a caring father of a six-month old, I cannot afford to go wrong with my child’s safety whenever I travel.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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