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Crew cab subwoofer box

One of the best possessions a man owns is his ride. A lot of people display their status and personality through the car they drive. Some may also go to an extent of treating their ride like a life of their own. So, what is the big deal about rides and modifying them for better? Well, for one, a stock product from the showroom is usually boring and common. Second, a pimped ride gives you the leverage to make changes depending on your taste and personality.

crew cab sub woofer box

When I bought my car this time last year, I spent a few weeks on deciding what I need to change or modify to make my ride look. I always believed that the exterior and the interior cleaning of the car are more important than the make or type. A few things that you can do it yourself to pimp your rides are:

  1. Installing of a crew cab subwoofer box is relatively easy. It can either be placed under the seat or inside the boot of your car. However, in order to have one of this, you will require a seat that has 60/40 bench. If you really want to feel the music rather than just hearing it, a crew subwoofer box is ideal. It the arguably the best one car audio modification.
  2. A crew cab subwoofer box can be crafted out of inexpensive wood but you may want to figure out how much it is moisture resistant. Make two large circular holes depending on the size of the speakers.
  3. Using of soft cloth to cover the subwoofer box gives an elegant look. A naked subwoofer box is not worth the trial.
  4. In order to make your music heard, a head start is important. And, the best push of music comes from a car amplifier. A focal solid black 470W car amplifier has a variable low-pass filter for better sound clarity. It also has pre-amp and speaker level inputs.
  5. Connecting the car amplifier with the speakers is easier done than said. Once you have done this in your garage then all you need is the newest music CD by the pop or metal sensation to rock the neighborhood.

A ride always speaks on behalf of its owner. Now, what you want to tell and show the world could never have been simpler. The world’s waiting.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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