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Safety of a little baby is the most important concern of any parent. This becomes even more as your baby grows in to a toddler. As long as little babies or infants aren’t  in a stage to move around by themselves, creating a safe environment for them at home isn’t all that important. However, when your baby is in her growing stages and is learning to crawl, walk and explore, it becomes extremely important to child proof your home by creating safety boundaries for your little explorer.

It is often said that when you can’t control your baby, you’re on your way to happy parenting. But, safety of your baby is extremely important. If you aren’t able to control your baby’s mobility, a better way to make her safe at home is to control your baby’s surroundings. Preventive maintenance is the sure shot way to keep your baby safe and secure. Child-proofing your home isn’t a very difficult task. All you will need to do is to locate the hidden dangers in your home and protect your child from them.

wide safety gateA wide safety gate, for instance, can be installed at the stairs or at the entrance of the kitchen. These will prevent your baby from falling off the stairs and not laying her hands on your kitchen supplies that may cause her harm. A safety gate is usually pressure mounted and, hence, can be moved around your home. With its lovely and exquisite designs, a safety gate will not just add to the aesthetics of your house but will also keep your baby safe. Unless your baby has been playing with plutonium or another superhero-esque mutagenic substance. In that (totally plausible) case, you’ll want something a little heftier, like a Global Industrial safety gate.

Another great child-proofing tool is a baby playpen. This enclosed play area for your child will ensure that she is having a great time with her toys and also that she is safe from the potential hazards around her. Baby playpens come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit in to your home easily. An alternative to this, if you have a baby less than a year old, is to have bed rails for your baby’s crib.

Bed rails for cribs keep your baby safe while she comfortably enjoys her play time. These rails are either stationary or can be moved up and down. However, with bed rails that move, always ensure that they are not lowered down when you leave your growing baby in the crib.

bed rails for cribs

Keeping your baby safe does not mean to stop or discourage her from moving around. Instead, ensure you have all the right child-proofing done to your home and let your baby wander about happily!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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