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Why bother art journaling or keeping a journal? Because, according to recent studies about mental and physical therapy, art journaling is one of the greatest methods to heal yourself through art! Here’s how to get started.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which clients create a form of artwork during the therapy session or on their own time. More image-oriented examples include drawing, doodling, making a collage or sculpting a figure out of clay. If you like writing more, explore the lyrics of your favorite song, comment on a favorite photo or make a simple list of dreams or other things you want to do. None of these techniques require any special talent, experience or training in the arts!

The artwork is then used as a focus for reflection in words between the client and the therapist. This happens in much the same way as dreams are used in therapy because both artwork and dreams access the unconscious very rapidly!

Many people say they are totally healthy and do not need any of these silly art things! But, don’t forget that studying your unconscious can help you in many ways by improving your quality of life.

The easiest way to achieve that is to start keeping a journal! Keeping a journal—not necessarily an art one—can help you discover and find your inner self. It is a safe place to try something out and also a safe place to express yourself! Don’t forget that no one is going to judge you! It is a book of your life that belongs only to you! You are the writer of your own story and life.

So, take a note book, a sketchbook or simply a piece of paper and some pencils—try colored pencils or fine mechanical pencils for creativity and precision—and journal on it! Don’t think too much, just do in it whatever you want! Add colors, images, words, stickers and more. Then, watch to see what your pages are saying. You will be amazed with what you didn’t or couldn’t see before.

-Guest Blogger Eleni Tsampazi (

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