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first time motorcycle accessories

The relation between a man and his machine is not new. A motorcycle generates the same amount of interest in a man like a car does if not more. For those of you who are seasoned and well-versed with biking, things should be easy and simple but for those of you who are first time motorcyclists, there are a few points that will make you and your machine stand above the crowd. The right accessories will make a large difference to the motorcycling experience ensuring the joy and safety of the rider and the pillion too.

motorcycle exhaust

When I bought my first bike, I had no clue how to enrich my biking experience. A couple of months ago, my neighborhood friend bought his first bike and we went accessory shopping. Some of the top five accessories for first time motorcyclists are:

  1. A motorcycle exhaust says a lot about the rider. The unit is used to convey exhaust gases from the engine and depending on the exhaust; the sound of the released gases catches public attention. A right kind of motorcycle exhaust will produce the right kind of sound and soon the sound of the exhaust become synonymous to your bike. If you have got your hands on a 1980s classic or a Yamaha Thunderbird then you must fix a Scorpion round slipon exhaust. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and is incredible by performance too.
  2. If you are a kind who uses motorcycle on a frequent basis then owning a tire pressure gauge is extremely helpful. My friend recently bought a tire gauge with filler. It is a unique kind of tire pressure gauge that helps you know the current tire pressure and also how much the motorcycle needs to have depending on the weight you carry.
  3. Considering a motorcycle is an engine-powered machine, a lot goes into its maintenance. I suggest you use an air filter that is not just efficient in handling dusty conditions but also doesn’t let any particles form. Ensuring the inner filter is regularly lubricated ensures the happiness of the motorcycle too. A BMC air filter is reliable and durable. It offers substantially more airflow than other conventional air filters.
  4. If you ever wish to take on to Route 66 and go for a long ride then a portable travel trunk for motorcycles is a must-have. The longest journeys become easy with the luxury of extra storage for food, vehicle documents and other useful items. The Australians call this kind of a journey a walkabout and a portable travel trunk is a definite yes for most cruiser motorcycles.
  5. Last but not the least is motorcycle battery chargers. A motorcycle battery charger helps you with the status information on the battery and any kind of wear and tear that has happened including the water level.

First time motorcycling experience is priceless and a feeling that takes years to sink into you. Make the most of the moment because the next time you go out with your friends, you’ll no longer be a first timer!

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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