Top 5 cases to stylize and protect your iPhone

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This past week, Apple launched their newest hit, the iPhone 4.  Like the launch of almost every other recent Apple product, thousands of people waited in line for hours to get their hands on this hot device.  When you spend so much time waiting for a product and then spend over $200, you need a way to protect it.  However, sometimes an iPhone case can be boring or bulky, ruining the sleek look of your iPhone.  Here are our picks for the sexiest and most protective cases for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

  1. Speck Candy Shell- The Speck Candy Shell is unique because it has a rubberized interior with a hard outer shell.  This is useful because the rubberized interior absorbs any shocks that occur when your device is dropped while the hard outer shell protects the device from scratches.  Not only is the Speck Candy Shell an extremely protective iPhone case, but it also comes in many stylish colors to match your outfit or mood.  Color choices range from basic black to a sweet pink and purple combination.
  2. Vaja iVolution- Who doesn’t love leather?  Everyone from the guy riding the Harley to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company can be found with leather clothing and accessories.  Vaja makes iPhone cases with beautiful Argentinean leather so you can show everyone your taste for luxury.  Since the Vaja cases are so beautiful, you will have to pay a bit more than a typical iPhone case.  Vaja cases run from $60-$220, but they are worth every penny.
  3. OtterBox- What do cute, cuddly otters and OtterBox iPhone cases have in common?  They are both waterproof!  OtterBox iPhone cases have three layers of protection which can protect your device from dropping, scratches, and water.  The OtterBox cases come in different styles and colors and are priced as low as $19.95.
  4. Gogo- If you want a tough, protective case, but hate the feel of the hard case, a Gogo iPhone case is a great option.  Gogo uses a polycarbonate material because it provides a soft, flexible feel while maintaining the protection.  Gogo describes the feel of their cases as having a “superior velvet touch”.  Gogo offers a wide variety of colors and designs for their cases which won’t deteriorate because they have three layers of coating which means the beauty of the case won’t be damaged by the sun or scratches.
  5. iSkin Solo FX- If you like the look of a hard iPhone case, but prefer the feel of a soft case, the iSkin Solo FX is the best of both worlds.  In addition, the FX model provides an embossed design on the case and a unique mirror screen protector which the lower end iSkin Solo does not.  The mirror screen protector works as a mirror to check yourself out in when you’re not using the iPhone while it protects the screen from scratches.  If those features aren’t enough for you, the iSkin Solo FX also has Microban, which prevents stain and odor causing bacteria from growing on your device and the case.

These iPhone cases will make your sleek, sexy iPhone look and feel even better while providing top-notch protection.  If you have tried any of these cases before or have any other suggestions for a cool or unique iPhone case, comment below!


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