Top 5 gifts for a chocolate lover


Ghirardelli hot chocolate, ceramic bakeware, fondue set

There are few things in the world that are better than chocolate.  Covering fruit in chocolate, putting chocolate chips in a cookie, and adding chocolate frosting to a cake are just a few of the ways that chocolate makes delicious foods even more delectable.  Since chocolate is so wonderful, there are many people who love anything to do with chocolate.  If you are going to buy a gift for a chocolate lover, though, the traditional box of chocolate is overdone and boring.   Here are our top five gifts for a chocolate lover.

  1. Hot Chocolate- Who doesn’t love to hang out on the couch, under a blanket, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, especially when it is filled with marshmallows!  A tasty gift for a chocolate lover is gourmet hot chocolate mix.  Gourmet hot chocolate mix is a special treat for them since, most of us can’t afford to splurge on it all the time.  Ghirardelli hot chocolate is one of the best hot chocolate mixes around as it is made from real, world-famous Ghirardelli chocolate.  Gourmet hot chocolate mix can also be used in the summer to make cold chocolate milk or added to ice coffee to make it a mocha!
  2. Fondue Set- Melting chocolate for a chocolate fondue is not only delicious, but it is also a lot of fun.  Chocolate fondue is a delightful desert because it is more unique than other desserts, such as a cake.  The chocolate lover you give a fondue set to will look like a culinary superstar at their next dinner party.  If you’re lucky, they may even make some chocolate fondue for you!
  3. Bakeware- If you are giving a gift to a chocolate lover, chances are they also enjoy baking a lot of chocolate desserts.  With the gift of new bakeware, they can continue making their favorite chocolate desserts and possibly some new ones.  We recommend giving ceramic bakeware because it is very versatile.  You can use ceramic bakeware in the oven like other types of bakeware, but you can also use it in the microwave unlike other types of bakeware.  Also, ceramic bakeware is a lot more pleasing to the eye, so chefs can serve their chocolate desserts right out of the bakeware which is especially useful when making delicate dishes like chocolate soufflé.
  4. Personalized M&M’s- M&M’s are one of the most classic chocolate candies.  Few people, from the occasional chocolate eater to the chocolate fanatic, can resist the chocolate covered in a colorful candy shell.  One thing that can make M&M’s even better, is having them made just for you.  You can now go to the M&M’s website and order personalized M&M’s.  These specially made M&M’s can display anything from a short personal message to a picture of you.
  5. Chocolate Covered Fruit- While chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has been found to have some health benefits, the way most people eat chocolate is usually not kind to the waistline.  Therefore, those of us who are trying to eat healthy usually feel guilty when we eat chocolate which is especially difficult for those who love chocolate.  A great way to make chocolate a little healthier is to eat chocolate covered fruit.  While the chocolate still has sugar and fat in it, eating the chocolate with fruit can make you feel less guilty because even though you’re eating chocolate, you’re eating one of your servings of fruit too!

If you have a chocolate craving after reading this post, you might want to order an extra chocolate gift when you’re doing your shopping!  If you have any ideas for a gift for a chocolate lover or if you want to tell us how you satisfy your chocolate cravings, comment below.


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