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Potato Chips

With so many chips and flavors to choose from, it is often easy to overlook how the most basic chip can be the best choice. I do a lot of snack reviews for my site and I’ll be the first to tell you that it is not rare for a chip that has a unique flavor to end up being one of the worst things you’ve ever tasted (My recommendation is to stay away from most Lime flavored chips!). With that in mind, below are five plain/salted chips that you should be enjoying!

  1. Dirty Chips Sea Salted – Dirty Chips may cost a bit more than your average chip, but truthfully, the extra money you spend is well worth it. These kettle cooked chips are crunchy, delicious and come in a bag that comes very full for the cash. We like the standard flavor over even Dirty Chips Barbecue flavor!
  2. Cape Cod Potato Chips – A bit greasier than Dirty Chips, Cape Cod Potato Chips are also at the very top of the pack. If you have a warehouse store nearby, go and buy the giant family pack of these, you will not be disappointed.
  3. Ruffles – One of my personal favorites, you can never go wrong with a bag of Ruffles. They taste great with just about anything and can be dipped in sour cream, salsa or anything else you can imagine.
  4. Utz – Utz Potato Chips come in tons of flavors (if you live near Pennsylvania you will find even more flavors than elsewhere), but their original potato chips don’t disappoint. They aren’t too greasy and although they have less salt than most other chips, their potato-y taste is very enjoyable.
  5. Lay’s Classic – Probably one of the oldest brands of snacks there are, Lay’s Classic are nicely salted, sometimes a bit too crumbly, but still tasty and one of the best value buys there are.

Picking a chip is getting and harder and harder these days, but it is totally ok to stick to plain. Grab a bag of any of these and whether you enjoy them alone, in a dip or as a side, they will complement all of these choices perfectly.

David CDavid C. is an expert snack blogger who writes for Munchies Blog, a blog about potato chips, snacks, and other delicious treats.

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