Top 5 tips for hosting a summer party


beverage tub, lemonade glass, paper plates

Now that the summer sun is shining brightly, July is the best time to throw a summer party.  Even though the Fourth of July has passed, there is still plenty of time for you to enjoy your backyard with a barbecue or pool party.  Planning a good time for your guests can be a lot of work and it’s easy to forget some of the most important party essentials.  Here are our top five tips for making your summer party a success.

  1. Have fun- The first thing to keep in mind when planning a part is to remember to have fun. Planning a party can be stressful and it can be hard to remember to just have fun!  Using bright colored table clothes and dishes can lift the mood of your guests.  Try using a fun baccarat wine glass if you are having a smaller party.  Decorations give a fun atmosphere to your party.  Try adding streamers or colored lights to your backyard to liven up your party.
  2. Keep plenty of drinks stocked and chilled-In the heat of summer, keeping cool is essential.  The best way to keep from overheating is to drink a chilled drink.  Your guests won’t have a good time if they are sweltering, so keep plenty of cold drinks on hand, especially water.  The easiest way to make sure that you have plenty of chilled drinks for your summer party is to use a beverage tub which you can fill with ice to keep the drinks cold.  Use a personalized beverage tub for a unique touch.
  3. Use disposable dishes- Using disposable dishes, like paper plates, will make hosting your summer party much easier.  If you use reusable dishes, cleaning up after your guests will be a hassle and could take hours.  With disposable dishes, you can simply take the dishes and toss them.  Also, using disposable dishes will ensure that you have plenty of paper plates and cups if extra guests show up.
  4. Have plenty of activities- While simply listening to music and chatting with your friends can be fun, it usually is not enough to sustain a party.  Have plenty of activities planned for your summer party to make sure that your guests never get bored.  If you’re having a day time barbecue, have volleyball net set up in your pool or a classic water balloon toss planned.  For an evening party, break out some board games or have guests bring their favorite wine for a wine tasting party.
  5. Plan ahead- With any type of event, there are usually unexpected surprises.  This can be anything from extra guests to guests forgetting their sunscreen.  Try to think of anything that can help your guests have a more relaxing time at your party.  Some common and simple things are to provide sunscreen and towels for your guests to use, email driving directions to your guests so they don’t get lost, and to always buy extra food and drinks just in case you have more guests than you anticipated.

Now that you have some tips on how to throw a successful summer party, it’s time to start planning!  If you have any other suggestions on how to plan a fun summer party, comment below.


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