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As a mother of three, I’ve found it very important to have access to outlets that I enjoy. There are many days when I spend most of my time dealing with spills, fights, and snacks for the “monkeys,” I call them! Don’t get me wrong—there is nothing more rewarding than being with my children and taking care of them. Fulfilling their needs, receiving lots of kisses and love, and enjoying their sweet laughter is a wonderful gift.

But on the flip side, sometimes I don’t know how I’ll get through my day hearing another tantrum, tattle, or whine. As most children go, it’s part of their growing, developing, and learning. We must endure the whines and fits! For the most part I make sure the monkeys are happily swinging, goofing, and eating—and yes my littlest one loves bananas—before I get to my me time.

Once they are taken care of, though, I enjoy some of the following—a long hot shower with Pandora blasting, a nice long chat on the phone with my sister typically ranting about mommyhood, an eneergizing workout, or a great craft project. During a stressful day, I will typically pull out my craft supplies and get to work. It works fine in my home with the monkeys. If they need something I will get it for them and get back to work.

If I have the opportunity to get out of the house when the hubs is around, then I enjoy a great stroll through a craft store (with a diet coke) to pick out my next craft project to keep my home looking creatively decorated. I truly believe that there is no reason for any mother to ever stop doing the things she loves because of her children. I find it very important to continually keep at your desires, interests, and hobbies.

Doing these things for yourself can positively affect your children, too. I believe it teaches your children to never give up on their dreams, likes hobbies. You, if anything, are setting an example for your children when you work at or do something that betters you. Finally, I know from experience that it makes you a better mom to have your outlet whenever you can manage. Now I am off to craft!

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