What to look for in a Huffy Bike


Huffy Bikes is one of the oldest biking companies in America. In 1892, George P. Huffman began manufacturing the first Huffy bike in Dayton, Ohio. Since then, there has been no looking back for the company. It introducing ground breaking advancements into bicycles like shock absorbing construction, steel rims and biking accessories like battery operated radios!

In 2006, Huffy sold its 100 millionth bicycle and they celebrated 30 years as America’s #1 selling bike brand. When you look back through the photographs of history, you are bound to see a huffy bike in almost every generation of your family. Huffy bikes are everywhere and they are so popular that there is simply no denying it! It built its own tradition of bicycles for every generation. The secret of their success is their simplicity. Huffy likes to keep things simple. They have different types of bikes based on their wheel diameter sizes. The 12 and 16 inch wheeled bikes are for the kids. They come with attractive colors and licensed animations from Looney Tunes and other popular kids cartoons! The 20 and 26 inch wheelers are bigger bikes and they have different types of bikes for different purposes. The Huffy sports bike is meant for speed. The frame is light and the design is aerodynamic to allow for faster movement. A huffy alpine mountain bike is designed for rocky terrain such as on mountains. They have excellent suspension and comfortable seating.

So go out and get yourself a huffy bike! If you’ve already ridden one, gift one to your child. May the tradition of Huffy bikes live on!

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