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 lcd tv 120 hz

Do you love playing video games? Are you a video game freak who spends hours and hours roosting in front of the TV set? Need a larger TV to have better gaming experience? Worried about image burn in and picture quality of flat displays? Wondering which flat screen display is best for gaming? No worries. Here is the information on best TV displays for video games.

Playing video games on a huge flat screen is every gamer’s dream. There are a wide variety of flat screens available in the market. It’s so easy to get confused about which flat screen to choose. Many people are haunted by the question, “Should I purchase a LCD or Plasma?” Which one is best for gaming?

Video games usually contain fast moving pictures. You can never get the real gaming experience unless you have a display screen which gives you better picture quality and motion tracking.

Both Plasma and LCD have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plasma and LCD TVs are both great for video gaming. However plasma displays suffer from a  burn in problem. So an LCD TV is the better choice if you play a lot of video games.
  • LCD screens like lcd tv 120 hz offers smoother pictures with crystal clear clarity, especially during fast action scenes or sports. They even have the ability to produce an almost 3D-like picture. New models like Samsung 46″ LN46C650 1080p 120Hz LCD TV offer fabulous image quality and true to life viewing experience. It features a fast response time of 4ms. Besides this, it also delivers smooth motion and crisp picture quality that makes every detail crystal clear.
  • Plasma TVs have a shorter lifespan compared to LCD screen. A LCD TV can also run for long periods of time and consumes less power.
  • LCD screens generate less heat compared to a plasma. So you can play video games for hours on end and need not worry about the screen heating up.
  • Plasma TVs are more suitable, when it comes to moving images. That is, plasma screens have better motion tracking compared to LCD. So you get the best performance of moving pictures from plasma screen.
  • When it comes to cost, LCD displays are more expensive than plasma.

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