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energy star dishwasher

One of the easiest ways to preserve the resources of the earth is to reduce the consumption of electricity and water through the use of eco friendly appliances. Such appliances can be identified by the Energy Star label which signifies that the appliance uses between 10 to 50 per cent less energy as compared to the standard models. An energy efficient appliance can help you save on your energy costs and simultaneously get tax credits or rebates. Here is a glimpse of some of the energy guzzlers at home and what you should consider when you plan to dispose the same and buy a new eco friendly appliance.

Refrigerator:18 cu ft top freezer refrigerator

The bigger the refrigerator, the more energy it consumes. As per research, an average household would require between an 18 to 21 cubic feet fridge. So buy a refrigerator of the appropriate size preferably with its freezer at the top, such as the 18.0 cu. ft. top freezer refrigerator. Fridges with a top freezer are more energy efficient than other models. If possible, look for one which the manufacturers take back for recycling at the end of its lifetime.

Washing machine:

Preferably use a frontloading washing machine as this uses considerably less water and electricity as compared to top loading machines. Opt for a machine that has a Modified Energy Factor or MEF of more than 1.72. Ensure that you have a full load of clothes. Use cold or cool water to clean your clothes to save on electricity used to heat the water.


Look for an energy star dishwasher that gives you the option to choose different cycles such as light wash or heavy wash; air dry, cool dry or hot dry; and so on. Ensure that you have a full load before you operate the machine.

Energy efficient water heaterWater heater:

If you are looking for an energy efficient water heater, opt for one with an EF (energy factor) of approximately 0.8 or more. The tankless gas and propane water heaters and solar water heaters are considered to be more eco friendly.

Replace your old fuel consuming appliances with energy efficient ones to save the planet and reduce your energy bill.

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