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brown leather belt

A man’s world may be limited to his friends, career, drink, cars and women but for any of these to happen well, he needs to focus on his appearance. A major part of how he dresses lies in what kind of accessories he buys. If you are a guy who loves to flaunt brand names all over the body yet do not want to break a bank, focus on simple yet powerful accessories. Make sure you choose the right accessory and something that goes with your style.

brown leather belt

Choosing a right belt is not such a big issue if you know a little about how to go about it. It is advisable to learn that a designer belt is one of coolest ways of flaunting brand on a regular basis. In all reality, a belt (and a craft belt buckle) is one of the most visible accessory you wear everyday so why not spend some dollars on it?

Always remember that your belt must go hand-in-hand with your footwear. The color of your shoes and your belt needs to be the same. A brown leather belt looks great on khakis and a white wool belt on denim. Personally, I’m a big fan of brown colored accessories on me so last week I bought a Brioni Calf leather belt. I wear it on weekends and especially on straight fit jeans. For all formal wear, I will strongly recommend a decent leather belt without any frills. The buckle of the belt also needs to be neat and elegant. For shorts, any stripped belt will do.

straight fit jeans

Coming back to belts, it is always sensible to buy a belt which is one size bigger than your trousers or pants. Also, the buckle’s notch should fit into the middle hole of the belt. Besides this, the edge of the belt buckle, the fly of your pants and the button row on your shirt must align vertically.

Now, that makes up for an unbeatable fashion sense. Men’s accessories have come a long way and a real man is the one who transforms himself according to the time. Make the right choices and you will have women walk up to you and say, ‘You! Yes, you. Stop being so adorable’.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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