How to crate train your dog


wood dog crate

Not every dog owner crate trains his pet yet the process does have its advantages. For example, you could use a crate to stop your new pet from chewing on your furniture. Thus it facilitates in teaching your dog or puppy about the rules of the house. It is also an effective way to carry your pet, especially if you have an airline approved crate such as the Petmate dog crate. Crate trained dogs tend to think of the crate as their refuge and place of relaxation. However, the process of training them can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the personality of the pet.

Orvis wood and faux rattan dog crate
The first step in crate training your dog would be to choose a crate. Opt for one that is large enough for your pet to stand and turn around in. You will find crates made from different materials such as a plastic, metal or wood dog crate. You can even get elegant dog crates like the Orvis wood and faux rattan dog crate that will not only complement your house décor but also make your pet feel completely at home in it.
Introduce the crate to your pet and gradually entice him to enter it by rewarding him with his favorite treats. It is crucial that your dog should have positive associations with the crate, so do not rush him or he might feel reluctant to enter the crate.

Once your dog willingly starts entering the cage, start feeding him his meals in the crate. Keep the door open. When you feel that he is no longer anxious about having his meals in the crate, then you can begin closing the door of the crate during his mealtime. Once he gets used to that, start keeping him enclosed in the crate for short durations while you are at home. Gradually increase the amount of time spent in the crate.

The next step would be to begin crating your dog at night so that he sleeps in it. Initially place the crate close to your bedroom. It is possible that your dog may whine to be let out at night to eliminate. If you feel that he is not whining to eliminate, then ignore the whining. He needs to be taught that whining to be let out will not get him anywhere. Once your dog is accustomed to sleeping in the crate, move it to the place of your preference.

If you make the process of crate training your dog an enjoyable experience for him, chances are he will quickly learn to love his crate.

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