How to dress a petite frame


capri pants Being in any other figure than the average or the hourglass one is sometimes very frustrating. The only thing we women always want is to look elegant in whatever we wear. But unfortunately that doesn’t happen always. You have to wear what suits you the best. And here’s what’s best for all petite figures out there. It’s best to play safe when you want to look elegant. Keep your outfits simple… monochromatic and streamlined will be best suited for your small frame. Stay away from bows and ruffles. Now, as we all understand that the easiest way to add height is to add some heels you yourself, there are some better ways to it too!

  • Skip your favorite minis: Although minis look great on women with long, slender legs, they don’t have the same effect for shorter women. You can opt for pants, capris and leggings. Alfred dunner petite pants and the Larry Levine capri pants are some smart ones that you can wear casually and to office both.
  • Footwear: Finding shoes for petite ladies is not very hard. The most common shoe size for a petite lady is size 5 or 6. Shoes often come in narrow or wide sizes as well. The one thing a petite woman will want to look for in shoes is a small light weight heel or flat. These types will easily increase your height.
  • Colors: Dressing in one color (dark ones are better) and if possible wearing vertical stripes will make you look taller. They give a continuous look from top to bottom that will help you also look slimmer than you actually are. Never wear horizontal lines!
  • Well fitted garments: This is the thumb rule to any figure but will work wonders to yours. Fitted or semi-fitted clothing looks better on petites than loose-fitting apparel. Also, avoid any bulky and huge designs that will add to your natural body type.
  • Accessories: Accessorize your look with few and simple things. Never choose heavy, bulky or huge bags, watches, jewelry and bracelets. Betsey Johnson Handbags purses go best with the petite frame.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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