Money clips vs. Wallets


The most important thing that no man can step out with is money. It is possibly the most important materialistic thing in your life. You need money at practically every step you take – whether it is to reach your workplace, have your meals or shower your loved ones with beautiful memories. It is one of those extremely essential things for living, the use of which can never be ignored. Money is your companion whether you go fishing with your friends or go holidaying with your love.

Carrying money is essential but the way you carry your money defines your personality to a great extent. While a traditional leather Eddie Bauer money clipwallet is a hands down favorite, a money clip is your stylish answer to flaunting money. A designer money clip is nothing short of a fashion accessory. An Eddie Bauer money clip for instance, is considered as a status symbol more than just a leather money clip. This very stylish leather money clip features the Eddie Bauer signature stripes and easily carries your cash, credit cards and receipts.

But, this doesn’t mean that a men’s leather wallet is anything less trendy. Men’s leather wallets today, have changed the way you carry money. These wallets are specially made to be trendy and useful. A classic men’s leather wallet can be used at both formal as well as informal occasions. Carrying a wallet or a money clip is perhaps a personal decision. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of both that can help you make your right’s leather wallet

  • A money clip is quite a small piece of accessory that does the purpose of holding all your money safely. It is so small that you can easily slip it in to your shirt’s front pocket. Wallets, on the other hand, are quite bulky.
  • Since the wallets have lot more space, you can stock it up with your bills, cards and all such stuff. Carrying things like these might get difficult if you wish to use a money clip.
  • Money clips are a boon to the absent minded people among us who tend to lose money a lot. This happens as the dollars might just slip out of the wallet but with a money clip, this is not quite possible. A money clip clenches onto your money and keeps it in place.

New Buffalo nickel money clip walletWhile each of these options has their own pros and cons, the perfect solution to carry your money is a wallet that has an in-built money clip. The New Buffalo nickel money clip wallet is the most practical alternative that a man can have. This is truly timeless – whether you plan to gift it to someone special or plan to have it for your own.

Guest Blogger: Muzammil

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