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Mountain biking has got to be the coolest extreme sport. Riding up or down a mountain with your mountain bike will surely get your adrenaline pumping. The best part about mountain biking is all you need is a mountain bike, a pair of shoes and a helmet and you are good to go. Mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by just about everyone who knows how to ride a bike. Bikes can be expensive but a great bike are used gt mountain bikes. At times it does present some additional challenges compared to just riding around the neighborhood. It is always better to first practice riding your bike at a local park, school or bike path before you hit steep hills. Here are a few tips to improve your mountain biking skills.

  • The first thing you should get yourself is a bike helmet. Helmets now days are comfortable, stylish and every mountain biker must wear one. Other safety equipment like cycling gloves and knee pads are also good items to buy as they will protect you if you happen to fall off your bike.
  • The next thing you would need to do is get used to your mountain bike. The pedals are the most important aspect you should look for in a mountain bike. Beginners usually start off with flat pedals and once you get better at it you shift to clip-less pedals. Clip-less pedals provide more control over the bike as you do not have to apply pressure to stay on the pedals.
  • You ensure that you wear mountain biking shoes such as the Northwave Mountain Biking shoes as they would provide the right amount of rigidity and grip required.
  • Your seat height should be adjusted such that our leg is 70 to 90 percent extended at the bottom of every stroke on the pedal.
  • Gear shifting is something you will master in time by riding a lot on your bike. The higher gears are harder to pedal with, but they will make you go faster.  The lower gears are easier to pedal with, and will help you climb hills easier. Avoid shifting gears when pedal pressure is high as this will cause a loss of momentum.
  • While riding downhill, avoiding rocks on your route is difficult. Relax you upper body. With your arms stiff, you won’t be able to ride over the rock and will crash due to the momentum.

So get up those steep hills and enjoy the great sport of mountain biking!

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