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As you pour chemicals down the drain with every hair wash, little do you realize about the environmental damages that you are causing.  Most promising commercial shampoos are no more than a fad. Mainstream shampoos are anything but hair-friendly or eco-friendly. They are a combination of harsh toxic foam and scent. Some shampoos even cause harm to wildlife, while many others damage the human immune system.

Global warming has already caused enough damage to our planet. So, why not take the effort to do that extra-bit wherever possible to reduce this damage. Switch over to eco-friendly and organic shampoos. Compared to mainstream shampoos, they score 1 out of 10 on the damage scale. Most typical shampoos scores range from 5-7 on the environmental damage score card. Keep in mind that the term “organic” isn’t federally regulated. Companies often formulate their own regulations. Two shampoo brands known for their eco-friendly benefits are-

1. Biotin shampoo

The Biotin Shampoo with Silica cleanses the hair gently even as it nourishes and strengthens the hair. Biotin is not just the shampoo name but a vital ingredient of the vitamin B-complex nutrient group. This helps in maintaining the natural and structural integrity. Silica protects the shaft of the hair.

2. Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo

Made from the natural extracts of tea tree, this shampoo is ideally suited for oily hair. It helps to get rid of sticky and itchy hair problems without any harmful chemicals. So, bid farewell to overtly lathering shampoos and pamper your hair with natural and eco-friendly alternatives instead.

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