Top 10 best toys from the 90s


Super Soaker, Barbie Jeep, Polly Pocket

Children of the 90s, prepare for a journey back to simpler times when Christmas lists and birthday wishes ruled your world. Remember when Show and Tell days at your elementary school were just excuses to rub your new toys in your friends’ faces? Today’s Top 10 list highlights the hottest, most coveted, guaranteed-to-make-your-friends-jealous toys of the 1990s. In no particular order:

  1. Super Soaker water guns (1990) – Before the Super Soaker came along, you had to suffer through the inevitable finger cramp resulting from pulling the flimsy trigger of a water pistol about a million times. Even after that, your playmate’s clothes were damp at best. But this colossal water blaster, which only seemed to get bigger and bigger with later models, was guaranteed to dominate in any water fight.
  2. Barbie Power Wheels Jeep (1993) – Maybe only a few parents in the neighborhood could afford the Barbie Jeep for their daughters, but every little girl wanted one and moped at the obnoxious sound of its engine screeching down the sidewalk, perhaps while editing their letters to Santa for syntax and tone. Even as those of us who never had one grew up to drive real cars, we live with regret that we never got to drive a tiny fake one. Because Santa hated us.
  3. Creepy Crawlers Reissue (1992) – While it’s kind of cheating to mention a toy originally on the market in the mid 60s, it’s just too Creepy Crawlersawesome not to mention. Why parents trusted their young children with with red-hot iron molds is another story, but the resulting rubber spiders, bugs and worms probably kept us quiet for a few days. That’s well worth the risk of minor burns, right?
  4. Kenner Aliens action figures (1992) – Around the time Sigourney Weaver reclaimed the role of Ellen Ripley in Alien 3, Kenner Toys created a revival of the 1970s Alien action figures, but this time with an awesome twist. Each alien was a hybrid of other animals, resulting in a Gorilla Alien, Bull Alien, Mantis Alien and even a Crab Alien among many others. The line also included a movable, rocket-launching loader as seen in the second Aliens movie (the one Ripley uses to throw the alien queen out of the airlock).
  5. Stretch Armstrong Reissue (1994) – Another oldie-but goodie originally on the market in the mid 70s, Stretch Armstrong was a best-seller in the 90s, striking a burning question in the hearts of 10-year-olds everywhere: What’s inside it? Sadly, the only way to find out was by cutting him open, and if your curiosity got the best of you, you were now out one awesome toy. It was goo, by the way. Clear, bad-tasting, probably toxic goo. Keep an eye out for the Stretch Armstrong movie staring Taylor Lautner, slated for 2012.
  6. Polly Pockets (1990) – Barbie’s great and all but for a kid on the go, Polly Pocket was the real McCoy. Polly’s little apartment, complete with clothes, friends, and even pets, all lived in a tiny compact that just barely crammed into your Osh Kosh jean pocket. It was more like Polly Mini Backpack, in that respect. Or Polly Fanny Pack.
  7. Tamagotchi (1996) – This Japanese import was constantly confiscated in classrooms and was as big an Tamagotchiannoyance to teachers as pagers and cell phones of later years would prove to be. Your Tamagotchi digital pet needed to be fed, played with and have its poop attended to, just like a real pet, or it would die and you’d have to reset it. While it wasn’t as depressing as playing Oregon Trail, it was a tad morbid and the craze seemed to fizzle out as fast as it came.
  8. Crocodile Dentist (1991) – Perhaps one of the scariest childhood games, Crocodile Dentist involved pulling the teeth from a plastic crocodile’s mouth. If you chose the wrong tooth, the crocodile’s mouth would snap shut, chomping down on your little digits, which was kind of terrifying but generally left no bruises.
  9. Terminator 2 action figures (1991) – The blockbuster second part of the Terminator series inspired a complete line of action figures including replicas of Arnold, the T-1000 and John Connor. One of their best concepts was a Bio-Flesh Regenerator that molded “skin” onto your terminator’s metal skeleton after suffering battle damage.
  10. P.J. Sparkles (1992) – What is it with 8-year-old girls and things that sparkle? A cute, blond doll with blinking accessories proved to be irresistible to girls around the world, making P.J. Sparkles a best seller of the 90s. However, other than the pretty lights and brushable hair, P.J. just didn’t do much and wound up at the bottom of the toy chest within a couple of weeks.

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