Top 5 Camcorders to record your summer vacation


flip ultra pocket camcorder

Summer vacations are times when you should be having fun. It is a well deserved break after a long year of academics. During your vacations, whether you plan on going on a trip to Europe or go on a road trip it is always good that you take pictures or videos to keep those beautiful memories fresh in your minds for years. When you are out on vacation I am sure most of you would opt for portable camera and not a bulky one. This way carrying it around wouldn’t be such a problem. Here are the top 5 cameras that will help you record all the moments during your summer vacations.

  1. If size is your criteria then the Veho Micro camcorder is the one you should get. The name of this camera says it all. This is the smallest high resolution DV camcorder in the world. This tiny camera has a voice activated start/stop functionality and universal clip to attach anywhere. The 2 megapixel recording resolution ensures that quality is maintained. This video camera uses microSD, microSDHC – flash card for its storage purposes. This would be perfect to take your vacation videos.
  2. Flip camcorders have been everyone’s favorite for casual snaps for quite some time. They are extremely portable and a few of them like the flip ultra pocket camcorder even record videos at high definition. With this camera you can record up to 120 minutes of HD video. One touch recording and a digital zoom make this camera an attractive option during your vacation.
  3. The Kodak Zx3 Pocket Video Camera is one of the best ones out there. This camera can not only take up to 10 hours of HD video. This little camera can also plunge up to 10 ft under water and capture the entire experience in full 1080p HD. This is just about perfect camera to carry if your vacations take you to a beach, lake or a pool.
  4. The Samsung Pocket HD camcorder is one very feature rich camera. This camera features a CMOS optical sensor. This sensor has a resolution of 10 megapixel. This camera can be charged by just connecting the UBS cable to your laptop or your car stereo system. The sleek design and great build quality make this camera one of the neatest ones out there.
  5. If you are looking for a video camera which will fit into your bag or pocket very easily then you should consider the JVC Picsio High-Definition Flash Memory Pocket Camcorder. This camcorder combines style and quality perfectly. This camera shoots Full HD content (1080p) at an impressive 30 frames per second. This camera features an image stabilization system which automatically eliminates hand shaking and blur when recording to give you a smooth video.

So don’t forget to carry along a camcorder on your vacation to capture those great moments that you will cherish forever

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