Top 5 snacks that would benefit the break room


dinosaur toys, yogurt pretzels, dried cranberries

Covering your office break room with a sea of Skittles sounds TOTALLY AWESOME until the fifth week when you find out that tasting the rainbow has usurped all the other, weaker and yet way more delicious treats. End the reign of terror and save the employees with snacks that would bring smiles instead of angry grumbling/overly dramatic stomping! Start here with this absolutely essential life-changing list.

  1. Craisins or dried cranberries – Cranberries in shriveled up raisin form? No, craisins are more like the cooler, butt-kicking cousin of the frumpy but tried-and-true raisin. Bite-sized tangy flavor will win you over faster than the term “craisins” will! The healthy veneer will momentarily satisfy those health nuts (before they learn the power of the search engine) while the secretly sugar-pumped core will successfully infiltrate the likes of Skittles or Pay Days. (By the way, I had no idea Pay Days were still being manufactured.)
  2. Yogurt pretzels – Pretzels are a paragon of saltiness and crunchiness, but yogurt pretzels are a power couple of sugar and salt. The innocent white or milk chocolate veneer makes it easy to munch on, but its underrated and complex taste will make your numbers crunching tolerable and even mildly likeable. Just don’t break out into song about it unless you can corral some acapella enthusiasts to join you.
  3. Naked Juice – Naked Juice or any fruit smoothie type of drink really just puts oomph into juice that can’t be done by sticking to one fruit alone. While preservatives and corn syrup are excellent in their own right, sometimes you want to start fresh with something that tastes like you could’ve thrown fruit into a blender yourself. Although being healthy and filling are great assets for juice blends, the fact that these drinks are tasty and wash down all your greasy carbs is the most important perk.
  4. String cheese or Tillamook cheese – Chips and its million variations are tasty and great, but maybe you want to spice it up a bit with another kind of savory snack. Instant ramen or microwavable noodle soup are reliable sources for MSG, but consider the classics and invest in some string cheese. If string cheese can even win over fickle children, why abandon it as an adult? It’s tasty, pre-packaged for knife-free convenience, and somewhat acceptable for calcium intake. What a winner!
  5. Corn nuts – Another yummy and savory alternative to chips are corn nuts. Corn nuts come in all sorts of flavors akin to chips, but amp up the crunching in case you want to feel like you’re on a power trip with your jaw.
  6. Dinosaur toys – Sure, you can’t eat dinosaur toys, but wouldn’t these be so great to play with while you’re waiting for the microwave to finish heating up your food? RAWR RAWR CHOMP CHOMP. Just work with me here, you can’t deny how cool they are. Clearly, they would increase company morale.

Hopefully this list will enact some change!

Your break room’s fridge doesn’t have to look like this! It can have yummy things, not just like in the movies…

2 Responses to “Top 5 snacks that would benefit the break room”

  1. Jenny Says:

    This is a great post. I’m tired of walking into the break room and being assaulted by junk food. I don’t want to be eating any of that in the morning.

  2. Briana Says:

    Dude, dinos have made my desk 10 times a happier place. They should be used in therapy.

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