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There’s nothing more special for a parent than to see his/her child smile for the first time and after. Although there are a lot of ways to make babies smile and although, sometimes, they smile for no reason, the most practical way is through a toy. Every baby is bound to smile seeing a nice, funny toy. Just move the toy around while talking to get your baby to laugh. Babies like repetition, so doing this over and over may convince him to even give you a big giggle. Squeaky toys or other toys that make noise may also do a great job in making a baby smile.

Nearly every baby ends up with a few baby plush toys or stuffed animals. They’re classic toys that allow baby to use his or her imagination during play, and can be a beloved childhood friend for many. Some even keep it for the next generations. If you’d like to go beyond the basic teddy bear, there are some fun but different plush toys in the market, each with a twist that separates them others.

For infants, from birth till almost the twelfth month, the best toy to make every baby smile is a baby rattle toy. Rattles are a big hit among this age group. They satisfy the need of an infant that mostly relates to bright colors and soothing sounds/music. These baby toys are portable, inexpensive and practical. Babies will love to chew upon fruit shaped ones that are made for teething and shake it around to hear the rattling noises. The baby toy rattle is a great hit with both babies and their parents alike.

Guest Blogger: Hina

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