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men's black nikon watch

Fall is round the corner and I’m super excited. Most people I know enjoy great outdoors in the sun but love fall because it lets them wear the newest styles and trends. For a year that is expected to come out of the global financial crisis, more experts believe that the fall of 2010 will be something big to watch out for.

mens movado stainless steel watch

Men’s fashion indeed moves slower than women yet the season for men has a distinct look. In fact there are these overarching themes too. After all, since when did men say they are not the fashionable sex? Watches have always been equivalent to men’s jewelry. Watches among men are more than just a time-telling piece. They are a style statement in more ways than one. As a matter of fact, some men believe that watches are life-investments.

Men’s Movado stainless steel watch is one such great accessory that is bound to catch a lot of eyes. This time-piece has a beautiful minimal dial that is encased in stainless steel and matched by a handsome bracelet. It is a perfect hand setting for a cordial or elegant dinner. Some Movados have a three eye chronograph dial that is surrounded by gold-plated bezel and paired with a stainless steel bracelet band for an exceptionally awesome two-tone color.

men's balck nixon watch

On my Uncle’s 49th last week, I chose a men’s Black Nixon watch over a Movado. The black Nixon has a three eye chronograph dial that is indexed with bold numbers on a durable stainless steel. To add to this is a leather strap. It is available in several colors and I chose the gunmetal.

The fall is nearing and ‘watching’ what’s in style will help by leaps and bounds.

Guest Blogger:  Muzammil

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