Advantages of using a heart rate monitor


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Whether you are exercising to lose weight or to strengthen your heart or just to maintain fitness and good health, it’s very important to know at what intensity are you working out. When working out it’s always good to monitor your heart. When exercising, running or cycling you should be aware of your heart rate and adjust your exercise intensity levels accordingly, to maintain a safe heart rate. Get a good heart rate monitor to ensure that you always exercise within the normal heart rate zone. Wondering why should you use a heart rate monitor? Here are the advantages of using a heart rate monitor:

  • A good heart rate monitor serves as your personal coach and motivates you to reach your ultimate goal of fitness improvement.
  • A heart rate monitor tracks your personal fitness status and helps you to stay in normal heart rate zone, while achieving your fitness goals.
  • It gives you the accurate intensity level of your workouts and keeps you motivated during the workout schedule.
  • People with cardiac conditions are advised not to workout above certain heart rate level. Hence by using a heart rate monitor, you can always monitor your heart and workout accordingly and maintain your heat rate in the optimum level.
  • If you are working out to reduce your weight, you can know what rate are you burning your fat.

If you are planning to spend more money and buy a high quality heart rate monitor, then I would advice you to go with Timex heart rate monitors. These monitors will help you to maximize your workout intensity while maintaining the average heart rate.

A good womens heart rate monitor will help to improve your body condition and performance by making you to workout in your optimal cardio zone. There are several chest strap, wrist and strapless monitors available in the market. If you are on a tight budget then go for a simple and affordable heart rate monitor.

If you are looking for a more comfortable and stylish monitor, then go for wrist heart rate monitors. A good wrist heart rate monitor like Polar Rs400 Heart Rate Monitor will be of great use when you are running, cyclic or jogging. This wrist heart rate monitor works as a multipurpose watch. It has a thin strap, which is available in different colors and sizes. It can be worn when running, exercising and even to your workplace. It can easily and exactly measure your heart rate when exercising or when your are under stress in your office.

Now that you know the benefits of using a heart rate monitor, just go and get a good heart rate monitor to check at what intensity are you working out. Be healthy and be happy!

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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