Best of the Web: Style blogs of the week No. 12


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the WeekWith fall comes a revamping of your wardrobe. Get a little creative this autumn with some fall inspiration that deviates from the “norm” and put together a new style aesthetic the pulls from organic and artistic insight. These fashion bloggers have the creative content to help you put together an unexpected fall look that will have everyone envious.

TangerineHearts is a lifestyle blog that offers everything from fashion inspiration to food. Look for Katy Mary to share her latest fashion obsessions, favorite recipes and everyday musings about her daily life.  She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and with her weekly “What the Fug?!” feature you can check out the latest fashion atrocities and even share your own fugly finds.

Makeup and beauty are just as much a part of the fashion world as clothes.  Oogle Makeup takes an academic look at beauty by dissecting the trends and quirks in the beauty world.  If you ever need any beauty tips or makeup inspiration, check out Oogle Makeup for styling tips and techniques.

Allure is blog filled with personal and fashion musings of a 19-year-old girl. As opposed to other bloggers who enjoy styling layers of clothing and maximizing accessories, this blog editor Aney is a true minimalist.   She adores pairing items that are light, feminine and neutral in order to create a subtle- appeal that is both simple and chic.

Bleed for Fashion isn’t your typical “fashion” blog. Blog editor, Lily, is just a 22-year-old sarcastic, giggle-ensuing girl, struggling to grow up and looking to get a response. Get you inspiration from this blog; from love, life, and the like, fashion finds salvation on this bleeding heart blog.

Fashion is the best form of self expression; it says so much about a person without them having to say a word. Blog editor, Dannie, adores the freedom, creativity and originality fashion allows one to convey. True style is priceless and this blogger believes in having fun, being original, and not allowing labels or prices dictate your own personal style. So fall in love with Luv, Dannie Doll.

Fashion Ate the World is a blog brimming with photographs and drawings for fashion and art enthusiasts.   Blog editor, Tin, shows the world her adventures in the fashion world and her unique sense of style.  So grab a plate, because this fashion blog will definitely satisfy your style appetite.

flimsy shoe is a photo blog that speaks to the artist in all of us.  Full of inspirational images and documentational photographs that shed light on artists, musicians, photographers and other creators.  This is a great resource to draw fashion inspiration from. If the mixture of color palettes and idyllic scenery isn’t a muse for an ensemble, I don’t know what would be.

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