Best of the Web: Style blogs of the week No. 14


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the WeekWith fall in full swing get your fashion fix with these incredibly stylish bloggers.  Get the skinny an all things runway ready. So get that street style fix and find affordable fashion how-to.

The Girl in the Check Scarf is the daily blog of a 15-year-old fashion student living in New York. With dreams of being a Fashion Buyer, blog editor Justine, loves beautiful photography, so the blog has a lot of it. On the blog you’ll also find a mix of street style, inspiring editorials and everything posh.  Justine started the blog when she was 14-years-old and had almost no knowledge of the fashion business, except that she loved it and loved dresses.

Gary Pepper Vintage was created in supplement to Nicole Warne’s online vintage store of the same name. Nicole wanted to document the progression, journey and experience of running her own business but after a few short months it quickly turned into a personal diary that showcased her style, inspiration and daily rants. Gary Pepper Vintage is a mix of Nicole’s love for vintage, high end designers, styling and photography. Nicole’s style of writing is extremely personal, over the top and sentimental, so that when people read her blog they feel as if they’re friends —which of course, they are!

Cid’s Style File is for the curvy, full figure, voluptuous woman who wants to be stylish and fashionable but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to look good.  We all love high-end designers, but we all can’t fit into or afford them. Blog editor, Veronica, will show you how to make the best of what you can fit into and what you can afford. No matter the size of your dress or wallet, you can be fabulous and stylish! This blog is dedicated to fashion, beauty and shopping for the stylish curvy woman.

Where is Harriet is about personal style, inspiration, photography, and all things yummy, shallow and pretty. Initially started as a personal style blog for a fashion lover, the blog has progressed as this blogger’s fashion has   evolved. For this blogger fashion is to be enjoyed—so do what feels right for you.

As an advocate for the arts and someone who appreciates aesthetic, is a report of what this blogger sees around her. She takes note of her emotional response to all the beautiful things in the world. Although the concentration is on fashion, she doesn’t discriminate against anything that resonates within her psyche. It’s a really great creative outlet that allows viewers to be completely raw and honest with creative expression.

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  1. Leia Says:

    I’m so glad you featured Harriet! Her blog is definitely up there on my top 10 best blogs list – always full of inspiring images and beautiful outfits :)

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