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Just like humans, cats need to be comfortable when they relieve themselves. Cats can be very picky animals, so it is important to pick the best litter for your cat when they are still young. However, it’s hard to pick which will be the best litter for your cat when there are so many different types in the store! Here are some tips for important things to consider when purchasing cat litter for your kitty.

Clay based vs clumping litter- One of the biggest decisions to make is whether you want to choose clay based or clumping cat litter. The advantage of clumping litter is that the cat urine clumps so that it is easier to scoop out of a tidy cat litter box with a cat litter scoop. This makes the cat litter box easier to clean on a daily basis which makes it easier to prevent odors. The advantage of traditional clay based litter is that there is less dust and medical side effects than the clumping litter. If you have a cat that is determined to be very healthy by your vet, clumping litter makes things a lot easier on you and your cat may prefer it because you can keep his box very clean. However, if you are worried about your cat’s health, clay litter may be the better option. If you choose clay litter, you may want to use cat litter box liners to make it easier to clean your cat’s litter box. These liners will easily lift the litter out of the box and eliminate the need to clean the litter box frequently.

Crystal litter- Crystal litter, or silica gel litter, is the most absorbent and provides the most odor control. Although the litter only needs to be changed once a month, it may be difficult to tell when it needs to be changed. Also, some cats may not like the feel of it on their paws, so try mixing it with regular litter before you completely change to it.

Plant derived litter- Plant derived litter is a great option for those families who want to help the environment! Plant derived litter can be flushed down your toilet and there are no health side effects for your cat. It is more expensive, but if the environment is important to you, the cost may be worth it.

You may be wondering what you need to do to provide a comfortable area for your cat to relieve himself while you are traveling. Disposable litter boxes can easily be placed inside your cat’s pet carrier which will give him an easy to reach private area.

Having a clean and comfortable litter box is very important for cats.  The right litter can make a huge difference for your cat, so make sure you let them choose the right one for them. Comment below if you have any more suggestions for cat litter tips!


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